Turned off

Too many things coming in
Not enough going out

Where is the 1 in 1 out?!

I have information coming in from
podcasts         facebook
blogs               twitter
email-two accounts because one just isn’t enough         

Snail mail, newspapers, magazines, books and audiobooks. Television, movies, videos, radio. Text messages, voicemails.

I feel buried underneath it all!

All full of information (some useful, some not).

Lately I find myself skimming through most things and not paying much attention to what I read because there is SO much. I am not giving the time I thing is deserved to the people who contribute their words (Facebook being the exception to this-that stuff is mostly junk).

What to do?!

Why do I keep up with all of this stuff?

Because I am afraid I will
miss something important  
miss a new and upcoming idea
fail to connect with others
get bored

The biggest reason I have all of this input from the outside world is because I don’t want to listen to the voices in my own head. All jarbled, ping-pongy, all over the place rattle.


So I read about other people’s lives instead of being fully present in my own.

Being fully present involves discomfort, loss, ecstasy, vulnerability.

What if for one week I turned it all off?

Turned in instead and listened to the still small voice inside?

What would she say?

For this week I will:

1.Keep beloved iPod off-this makes me twitch. I listen to it on my daily 30 minute minimum walks. I enjoy audiobooks and podcasts. So many times the podcasts I listen to have websites and places to visit. More time spent reading more stuff of interest, but stuff just the same. People and pages to follow and like, sites to visit and peruse, emails to receive, newsletters to read. None for this week thank you.

2. Visit my inboxes only to read email sent from specific people (friends, family). The rest will be deleted. Ouch.

3. The television stays off until 8pm. I have it on often to quiet the quiet. Or to drown out the dogs barking. Either way I can’t help but stop sometimes to watch a show and before I know it, I am sucked into the vortex of sometimes smut, sometimes cooking, sometimes educational. Not this week.

4. The radio in my car. I am listening to The Male Brain. This is one piece of information I will continue to upload. It’s fantastic and helps me understand the men in my life better. Can’t pause that progress!

5. Blog reader will not be opened this week at all. I usually only check it one time a week anyway…

6. I will not visit Facebook. At all. I hate it anyway.

7. My little bird Twitter. You will be missed. I had been doing such a “great job” of keeping up with and contributing to it. Oh well, what I don’t know I missed won’t hurt me.

8. Basically my online time will be limited to 5 minutes a day.

9. No books will be read or flipped through this week. This one really stresses me out too. I flip through things while I am brushing my teeth, eating breakfast and watching TV. Argh! I think I might have a problem. Boo.

The more I don’t want to do it points to the more I NEED to do it.

I think 9 things is enough in one week.

This personal growth stuff is tough!

Growing pains I suppose.

I hope I survive…

Zen Habits on DeCluttering


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