Geisha Girl

Geisha Girl
Inspired from Conde Nast Traveler October 2009 My Life as a Geisha by Shoba Narayan
Allure-the power to entice or attract through personal charm, which has more to do with gait and bearing than with beauty. Can be learned, just like etiquette
Learn about allure and for others to look at me without fear and with adoration. Erect carriage, look regal
Softly. Don’t stride, make a figure eight with your feet. The elegant shuffle of the Japanese ladies shinayakasa. Suggests softness & ripples-like the waves, with one movement blending into the other
Exquisitely polite, charming
Like the sun, when you walk into a room, it becomes brighter
Iki-an aesthetic ideal that implies subdued elegance. Combines sassiness with innocence, sexiness with restraint
Respect-leave shoes outside
Hold moon-viewing parties in autumn
Tea ceremony
The secret of Japan: to see greatness in small things and smallness in great things
Mono no aware, which implies an acute sensitivity to the beauty of objects, the “ahhness of things” Attunes people to the fragile and the transient. Values the soft patina of age more than the sparkle of newness
Celebrate transience &amp impermanence
Be the Geisha!


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