The New Blacks

Orange is the New Black book jacket
With all the time I have sitting in a rocking chair with a little baby, I have the opportunity, sometimes, to multi-task and read while he feeds.
I picked up the book Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison A Memoir by Piper Kerman at my local library in the NEW section. Love that bookshelf’s contents! On the cover there is a black background and a pair of orange canvas shoes. Reminds me of the orange outfits the kid’s wore at the Detention Center I taught yoga at for over a year. Not a good color on me but appropriate for the upcoming Halloween season I suppose.

As a side note-I recently finished Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster and saw a book out titled  Bitch is the New Black. A theme here for this year?! Guess the old black has gone gray!

The title pretty much states what the book is about in general terms. I was intrigued by the way she focused on relationships she formed during her stay. The book was mostly about people, those involved in her past life, the one’s she loves on the outside, the ones in prison with her including the inmates and correctional officers. She always thought of herself as a loner but found through this experience, she really is great at relating to all sorts of people and found a safe place there. She has also found a calling since she has been released and is fighting for justice reform. Our prison system does little to nothing to rehabilitate its inmates. Now wonder so many return…

Check her out at:

Justice Reform info:

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