DIY Spa Day at Home

DIY Spa Day at Home

Oh the blissful thought of a day at the spa. Wrapped in a robe and blissfuly relaxed as lotions, creams and exfoliates are rubbed into the skin. Can you hear the gentle music playing softly in the background?

WAIT! A jarring question breaks into your reverie.

What is in the products being slathered on your body?

Hmmm, what indeed. Parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, sulfates, preservatives and more. A list of the nasty culprits can be found in Sophie Uliano’s book Gorgeously Green and at her site.

The time has come. Take this spa day into your own hands and know what is going onto, and ultimately into, your body! Make a date for a spa retreat in the comfort and beauty of your own relaxing and clean (link to natural cleaning products post) bathroom (if your throne room is neither of those things check out FlyLady to help you declutter & spruce up your powder room). link to bathroom post too

Make a spa appointment in your calendar, silence the phones, hang the Do Not Disturb sign and

find the necessary supplies:

Smooth and marvelously mellow music

Loofah & soft bristle body brush

Sea salts

Candles &amp matches

Essential oils

Facial scrub or peel
Bath pillow

Pumice stone

Terry cloth robe

Eye mask

Warm towels

Tennis ball

Cotton socks

Herbal tea (for drinking & soaking in)

Book &amp journal

Fill a large pitcher with water and ice. Add a few lemon & cucumber slices or blueberries & sliced strawberries. Sip from a gorgeous glass.


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