Viscious Vixen

Viscious Vixen

A new addition to this blog! If you are sensitive do NOT read any of the posts labeled viscious vixen.

You have been warned in advance.
Don’t come crying to me about it.
Keep your tears and state of pansy to yourself.
So, viscious vixen is my opportunity and the place to spew venom all over. To the people who tick me off, I write this for you instead of biting your head off. Consider it a blessing and a gift. Not that either condones your stupidity, disrespect or bad behavior. I can’t wait to artfully craft insults, retorts and drip witty sarcasm all over this small screen. A new sport is born!

These specific Viscious Vixen posts go out to all of your who drive me absolutely crazy-the morons in mini-vans*, the mindless stupidity that runs rampant in this fine country and the completely clueless ones I encounter on an almost (unfortunately) daily basis. You people provide enough snarky comebacks to keep this blog going well into the 4000s (as in the year 4000). Without you, these posts would not be. This is the only time I will thank you.

Just know that if you saw me on the street, you will probably end up being spoken about here in a not-so-flattering way, made fun of and completely spanked into the dunce-cap seat where you belong. Yet another one put in their place. Sweet!

This is going to be bad (in a totally delicious way)!

*Note: Not all individuals who purchase and drive mini-vans are morons. Most of them are, the rare exception is out there. The males who drive mini-vans, however, I question if they are still in possession of their own “orbs of manhood.” I remember when my Uncle stated he finally traded the mini-van in for another vehicle and received his said bits back, they were “heavy and cumbersome” guess they had been gone for a while…


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