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More Natural Skin Care Ingredients

Argan oil-good for quenching dryness, minimizing lines & possibly reducing oiliness
Avocado-good for hydrating hair & skin. May help cuts heal
Lavender oil-soothes irritations and dries up pimples
Rosemary-analgesic; add to bath to increase circulation and decrease inflammation
Bay Laurel-has antiseptic and antibacterial properties
Cornstarch-soothes skin and gives bathwater a silky feel
Citrus fruit-rich in antioxidants and Vit A & C, natural exfoliants. Soften skin and prevent free radical damage. Scent makes people happier
Coconut oil-makes hair shinier & skin more supple
Cucumber-depuff tired eyes & neutralize oil without overdrying skin
Feverfew-soothes irritation & inflammation
Grapeseed-helps skin retain firmness
Jojoba-soothes irritation when added to typically drying products, such as hand sanitizers & toners
Licorice-calms inflammation & helps to diminish the appearance of acne scars
Rose-softens wrinkles
Sunflower-protects skin & hair from sun damage
Sweet almond oil removes eye makeup, loaded with hydrating essential fatty acids, helps skin maintain it’s moisture balance, humectant (seals water into skin)
Apple cider vinegar-neutralizes the pH of water, ensuing essential oils won’t cause skin irritation
Milk-calm irritated skin, anti-inflammatory, proteins and lactic acid in milk helps remove dead skin
Eucalyptus- add to bath to increase circulation and decrease inflammation


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