Organizing Kitchen Pantry

Organizing the Kitchen Pantry
Real Simple for the inspiration
Sort it-pull out everything and sort into categories, such as spices, bottled ing and cleaning supplies
Prioritize it-Reshelve items in zones based on how often they are used.
Contain it-bins and baskets group like items together and prevent small ones from getting lost.
Stand it up-vertical racks let you slide out individual pans on and off the shelf like books
Light it up-make sure it is well lit (battery operated lights work well)
Door organizer-extra wide wire baskets on back of door keep canned and bottled goods together and in one place
Drawers-stackable, labeled plastic drawers keep things like loose tea bags and soup mixes from getting scattered
Clear jars-for bulky boxed goods (like cereal)
Baskets and crates-topless containers keep often-used items, such as spice jars, visible and ready to cook with. Handles make woven baskets easy to slide forward or lift off shelves.
Rolling bins-for cleaning supplies and paper goods on floor in tubs on wheels.
Pantry Reminder-cover pantry


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