Bottom Cabinet Makeover

Oh the feeling of accomplishment after organizing a disaster cabinet. Tada!

Organizing Kitchen Cupboards
Pare down-ruthlessly.
Give everything a designated spot assign objects to specific cabinets ensure that locating things is a breeze. Ex-a cabinet designed for baking contains hand mixer, rolling pin, cake tins, pie plates, etc.
Make way for the essentials
Subdivide with shelves. Pullout double shelves help create organization in deep cabinets
Store stuff upright-casseroles, trays, and cutting boards stash vertically with the help of 2 wire shelf dividers. Store pot lids on a door-mounted rack
Rethink and repurpose. Measuring spoons and hand-mixer beaters hang from old-fashioned teacup hooks attached to inside of baking-cabinet doors.
Keep gear handy-a new island place in middle of kitchen brings key cooking implements closer to stove.
Go for an open-shelf look and remove cabinet doors, filling in hinge holes with wood putty. Paint interior or cabinets, skipping front edge of shelves for sharper contrast.


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