Words of Radiance

Simple Sprinkle/Word of the Week

Hello there!

The last word was vacation and it has been a while…

Not completely back yet!
Would like your feedback on what you would like to see, what helps you the most to attain your dreams.
Some ideas I have for the newsletter:

1. Sent monthly with one word to work on more in depth. 30 days is long enough to make something a habit. Let’s start and keep habits that serve us!

2. More time to post your stories, experiences and thoughts on the word we work on. Sometime in one month we should all be able (myself included) to post a little something to get some interaction going. It’s all about the connection!

3. Guest writers. I would like to hear from other inspirational individuals.Share with you (or it could BE you). Different voices-one cause: inspire,inform, ignite!

Email me with your thoughts about the NEWsletter: cleanandsimplelife@gmail.com

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