Viscious Vixen

Cursing & Comments

A word about cursing

Sometimes an explicative or two is necessary in a situation, heat of the moment sort of circumstance. However, since there is time to ponder the best use of the English language, creativity is valued over four letter bombs. Here there is a place for all types of words, but imagination and inventiveness will be given more points. And we all know, in the end, it’s the amount of points accumulated (along with toys, shoes and money) that matter.
So if you decide to send me an email with a comment a note of caution:  
Sometimes no word will do but a four-letter one. All I am saying is use sparingly for the most impact.
Leave the whiney ones in your head, no place for them here. If your criticism is constructive it will probably be discarded. If you write a comment that cuts like a knife and leaves us wanting more, by all means type away. Just know you will probably be the next easy target!


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