Misc Chaos

First Image of You

Wee little one. About 8 weeks made here I think.

The face is the thing on the right of the picture. Eye sockets (two), nose and mouth wide open (screaming already!). Those features I know for sure. Little hand in the upper right (maybe) and feet on the side left (again, maybe). It’s over a pound in weight. Week # 23. At week 24 it can survive in the “real” world!

“Fat production is in overdrive at this point (for the baby, not you! Well, OK, maybe for the baby and you). Your baby will basically double in weight over the next four weeks! You’ll be happy to know the same won’t apply to you.” (dripping with sarcasm) I can’t wait-more weight!
From GreatGma S: Oh, I can tell it is a photogenic little person and looks just like the S’s. I must admit I could not pick out a whole lot but I take your word, how exciting. Do you have names pick out yet or are you a last min. person? Would love a picture of you in your new condition if you have one around, it is hard to believe it is really happening. Just think my first Great Grand Child. Thanks and Love PS does the picture mean you know the sex?
And my response: Of course it’s photogenic and screaming already! We are going to leave the sex a surprise-the Dr. knows but nobody else does.
Names-I like Adam and Evan or Madeline & Caroline. Middle names: Phoenix or Ivy. Mr. B has only voted on Evan. The others he hasn’t really said anything so I don’t know what that means….Registering for baby with Mr. B tomorrow!
I don’t have ANY pics of me and my condition. Nobody needs to see that!!;) If one gets taken I will be sure to send it to you!

                                                                           Oct 22

I saw you today-your heartbeat & kicking leg while on your back. I can’t feel you but the pictures show-you are there. Told Mr. B & now you are more real to him.
Oct 25
Found you aren’t a fan of me twisting and crunching at the same time. Told the wonderful woman I do bookkeeping for about you-her excitement made me excited. How lovely!
What could I let go of doing, thinking or feeling in the days ahead?
What am I completely, utterly ready to be rid of?
What’s 1 thing could I do in the days ahead to become the person I most want to be?
Oct 27
3 months old today. Are you still there?
My body is no longer mine. It is not about me anymore. Never again
How do we create a culture around us that supports families?

There is a precious difference between efficiency and effectiveness
If you’re not yourself, who will be?
From RG
As you try to come up with a name for your future child, you might explore this website. I love it! http://www.nymbler.com/ You type in names you like and the site comes up with other names you might like. Interesting!

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