Misc Chaos

A Wedding and You, A Peach

Nov 2
You are the size of a peach now. I have gained 5 pounds and my pants barely button. I am breathless and uncomfortable–long ways to go-uuuugh!
I wish I could feel you-assure me you are there (apparently seeing wasn’t enough!)

I craved constant reminders of the good thing that was happening (you growing).  I still need constant reminders of everything!

Nov 5
You attended your 1st wedding today. B was best man for a friend’s big day. Are you still there? Are you healthy & whole? You are leaving me breathless frequently & don’t allow me ease into some yoga poses. My belly button is spreading-boo. I have cleavage when I bend over!
Let the beauty we love be what we do -Rumi
Focus on the things that are truly meaningful to me.
Full attention & an attitude of receptivity.
Daniel, Wellsey, Aurelia
Elegance is an attitude
Nov 20
I want/need to feel you move. Are you ok?
Still hadn’t felt you move at this point. Too itty bitty. You were so busy working on growing!
I am simple, complex & rare as is
Splendidly imperfect
Radial self-acceptance
Who is the me I know and love the best?
You even had an email account OurMayMightyMite where people sent us stuff.
Loved before you even arrived!


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