A unique gift idea

And green!
Recycle mismatched treasure into glamorous candle cups

Any porcelain teacup (can be chipped, but not cracked)
Votive candles

 Set a white votive candle in the cup and pour hot melted wax around it. Test-fit several votives first, choosing one that allows 1/2-1/4″ head clearance. If the wick is droopy, run masking tape across the cup rim to hold it upright while you pour the wax.

And that’s it! You can garnish the saucer rim with foliage or flowers (if you have the saucer). When lit, the candle will back-light the hand-painted details on the cup, allowing them to show through the translucent porcelain with a subtle glow. Pretty, easy, simple & green!


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