Misc Chaos


Mr. B looking cool with the abominable snowman!

Being peaceful with Grems, feeling you move

Embody what you know to be true

Balance requires understanding rather than effort
Nov 22
I think I’ve felt you move. When I am very still (perhaps that’s why I hadn’t earlier-smiles) and calm. Hands on my belly. Little flutter. Magical.
My belly has seemed to ‘pop’ in the last 3 days. My skin is gorgeous though!
What’s important?
What do I want/need?!
Be Authentic. Be Me
I am all I have
Turning against yourself is betraying who created you. –Sabrina Ward Harrison
I can love me while viewing my faults & flaws
B’s idea for a Halloween costumer for you: mobster
I want it to be Boo from Monsters, Inc. -big, blue, fuzzy and purple polka dotty!
“I’m looking for you”  from Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (movie)
Pay attention to the little things in life
Nov 27
1st day of week 17. A noticeable bump when I lay down & no amount of sucking pulls it in when standing. My skin is glowing. B thinks my belly is cute. My dad (your “fish trout” grandpa) puts his head against my belly and asks if there’s a baby in there?! (he does this to their cows too…) I haven’t felt movement but I haven’t sat still for it either. B talks to it too. We call you mite like mighty mite because that’s what you are.
Nov 29
I feel like I can’t take a deep breath. Very stiff. I feel claustrophobic in my own body.
Everyday and in every way I am getting better & better
Aurelia            Phoenix
Oh the joys of an ever-changing female body. Never ceases to amaze me and disgust me. I noticed and felt every pound I put on-clothes fitting differently, movements being made and needing to be modified. Stairs and hills seeming taller and steeper. The times I remember this was all for a purpose, I could relax and enjoy it. I had a tendency to forget often…

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