New Year 2012

I can’t wait for the New Year to begin-a leap year, a year to vote for a new president, a year ending in even numbers.

It will be FANTASTIC!

2011 has been a struggle, a wild adventure and an all-around life-changing experience. A dog left us, a child was born to us, a career was voluntarily ended (or paused?), new wrinkles, new phones, new ideas, new business planned and more.


I think I need to take a breather beginning this year. Some processing, lots of journaling, lots of self-care and loads of love poured into myself.

This past year has brought awareness of the habits I consistently return to that do not serve me.  Saying yes when I want to say no, choosing to eat sugar when it is NOT my friend, reacting in anger when I am really feeling fear, playing the comparison game and falling up short and constantly feeling like I am not enough. Exhausting. I choose not to play these games anymore. I choose me, the things I love to do (after finding out what those are) and my little family (husband, kid and dogs).

I want to spend 2012 creating output. I spend a lot of time filling my creative well, read inspiring books and blogs, and speak of what others are doing with awe. This year is MY time to put sprinkles and loads of fabulousness for others to soak up.

What are you putting out into the New Year?

2012-the year I share my well!


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