Misc Chaos

January Farm Visit with Babe

Another Little One entry (from January 2011)
Pregnant Muffin checking out MY baby bump

Gremlin is sending you messages here: pet me, feed me, love me

Quite the screaming baby face!
Jan 1
A new year. Ripe with possibilities (I have to believe this) Hope.
Full of stupid excitement and blind anticipation.
Mr. B said earlier today, he is getting excited about this (finally).
I am the curator of my own contentment
Phoenix     Ivy
These were middle names I really liked.
I am creating the life I want
Jan 6
Lots of mighty mite movement today.
Bees breathe too!
Enlightenment-feeling comfortable with being a completely ordinary person
 Jan 10
Little Bit is kicking away on my right side. You can see it on my belly. Weird.
My mom (Grandma R) requested I “rub that belly & tell that baby we love it.”
The simpler we make our lives, the more abundant they become –Simple Abundance
I think I need a new definition of success.

Be who you are & say what you feel
 because those who mind don’t matter &
those who matter don’t mind -Dr Seuss
I still can’t believe I am pregnant. Whose belly is this?!
Being pregnant is like having an imaginary friend inside of you. Moving around. Never alone.
Creativity is maximized when you’re living in the moment
Do one thing a day that scares you
If God had meant for today to be perfect He would never have invented tomorrow
“Fish trout” Grandpa got to feel you kick today. A voice full of happiness for you, little one.
Work on trusting that everything will be ok
What do you fear most about having this baby?
Mr. B’s answer: not being a good enough parent and/or not being able to provide for it
Baby kicking in the deep end
Love for my body and the being within
What am I doing right?!

Gma R felt little mite kick
Mr. B Said I look amazing and I look like I have a baby in my belly

Connect fully with the experience
Everything changes all the time

Looking back to this time last year. Amazing the changes, the joy and the lessons. Wow. What will 2012 hold?!


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