Misc Chaos

Kicking crazy in February

Mighty Mite Feb 2011
Jack enjoying belly time with you and me
Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside -Rita Rudner
Feb 2
I want to say:
I love my life
Today, Tomorrow & Always
What needs to be done to make it so?
Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. 
Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.
Cultivate self love
Feb 5
Mr. B drew a heart over my belly button with his hand after feeling the baby move this morning. Sweet.
Exhale-All Right
 What kind of birth would enhance my self-esteem as a mother?
Slowly Letting Go
Feb 10
I already pity the little bit inside me.
It’s got a bit of a psycho as a ma.
Can I focus on loving me the best way I know how?
Anticipate and look forward to holding our baby without worrying so much how it arrived in my arms
How can I move forward?
Feb 12
A new journal to begin very soon!
I felt very pretty tonight. Hurray!
Gravity of new life
Who is on my side?!
Am I even on it?!
Feb 14
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Power lies in being where you are
The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them -Einstein
I want to bloom and grow

Quel Brodel! French for What a mess!

In our creating, we are created

Do not try to transform yourself
Move into yourself

Dance your dreams ever morning (and every day!)
It is easier to try to be better than you are than to be who you are
Feb 21
A marvelous morning after an awful nights’ sleep. Mr. B’s hand on my belly, baby kicking around. Crazy monkey. Mr. B asked if I liked being pregnant. It’s ok, tired of having a belly. Ackward. He also said it was scary and amazing to feel the baby. Made it all real. He even seemed a bit excited about it all. 
Terrifying, Fun, Difficult, Adventure.

Feb 24
Mighty Mite pressed its foot (I think) against my finger, I feel all soft and lovey.

Estelle Edgar (names I like)
 (after watching the movie Valentine’s Day)

Feb 27
Mighty Mite pressed it’s heel into my belly as I hummed to Sarah McLachlan

We are either Now Here or NoWhere
Baby owl eyes
Magical childhood stuff

Be your own hero

Adeline Ivy
Evan Thomas

Finished reading an incredible book: Expecting Adam by Martha Beck

You can be as happy as you decide to be

Never play leapfrog with a unicorn

Grandma (your Great GMa R) just yelled from her bedroom to tell you she loves you and that she is praying for you.
We pray the rest of your pregnancy will go well and you will deliver a healthy baby.
Love, (Great) Grandma & Grandpa (R)


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