Living in the NOW with your pet

Check this out! I read this in Yoga Journal last year and thought it was fantastic enough to save (and blog about!).

How does a relationship with a pet help you stay in the NOW?
Response: The mere presence of a dog or cat is already a teaching of present-moment living. That’s why a pet greatly improves the energy field of an home. Most pets are playful, so when we play with or touch them, we can join them in that state of playfulness, which is ultimately one of the only sane ways to live.
Playfulness, joy and a sense of aliveness are intrinsic to present-moment living. Interact with your pets & spend time observing them. Watch without judgment as they move, rest & sleep. Tune into their energy, and their uncomplicated presence becomes yours, with the added dimension of awareness. When you tune into animals, you sense their original state-that is, rootedness in Being-and sense it in yourself, in a world gone astray, pets have becomes guardians of Being. -Eckhart Tolle

So today I am going to enjoy my dogs, in the moment we are in. Present, aware and alive. I do love to watch them sleep-so peaceful and calm. Yet another reason to love my pets!


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