Misc Chaos

Week One

Mighty Mite entry May 2011

 First car ride

Fish Trout Gpa and Little E

Mamma, Little One and Franklin

May 12

Photo session today with Shutterly Amazing. You have such a cute face & soft hair. Love how you fit in my arm against me. The photographer has you propped on both of your arms. Hilarious. You really like a pacifier(today). Strong little man.
At the photography session you were a bit stubborn & loved to show off your male stuff. Pooped and Peed on mom. What fun!

I love his little body curled up beside me. My soft belly, his legs tucked near my pelvis. Hand in mine. Your soft fuzzy arms and legs for softly petting. Your don’t seem to have a distinct scent. Hmmm…

I love you
I care about you
Looking over where it all began
I love you
I wouldn’t change a thing

I am not sure if I wrote this for Little One or if it was something Mr. B said to me.
Either way it’s great!

May 10-home at last. Met Fish Trout Grandpa. He cried as he held you. You slept soundly in his arms.

May 11-New Daddy B is paranoid about your safety. Wanted you to sleep in our room last night. Between you (crying & hungry) and him (snoring) sleep wasn’t much had by Mamma. A restful morning nap taken. You peed on your pa!
A full day of friends, photography & messes.You peed on Fish Trout Gpa! Your Uncle J was impressed by your down soft dome.

May 12-A calm day & home spent & savored in loving arms of mom & dad. Laughs over your funny expressions while sleeping. A warm hug enjoyed in the kitchen-our beautiful family of 3 (+5 dogs)

Email Stuff
From me: Hey all! If the news hasn’t reached you through the grapevine here is the information on the new arrival: It’s a boy! (even balance of girls and boys in our house now-not sure how I feel about that…) EA (mighty & great)
Arrived Monday at 4:14 am (good morning sunshine!) 8lbs and 19″ long (umm, wow)All are doing well.
And responses:
What a precious little baby boy! I wish I could hold him – he looks like a good snuggler 🙂 -From Great Aunt K
Oh my goodness. What a perfect baby! He is adorable. Slight change of plan. I am bringing his lullaby CD over so I can hold him. I will call when we get home. -Love Ms. J
The pictures show that you have a beautiful little boy. I am so happy for you.
My son has been a great joy to me and he continues to be a source of strength for me. He is a great help even though he lives away from here.
I will be anxious to see him and hold him. A beautiful name. -Pink Angel M
Congratulations on your new arrival!!! Thanks so much for the attached photos…that’s a good lookin baby. I also saw the extraordinary picture you had sent. 🙂
8 lbs and 19″ long…that’s unbelievable! You didn’t look big enough to carry a baby that big. You also gave him a powerful name…I can see good things on the horizon for this little boy. 🙂
CONGRATIONALION!! Thanks for sharing the good news. So glad you and baby are doing good. Can’t wait to see him……….. He is a big boy for such a little mother. Hope all went well doing labor.
Love to all 3 of you folks.  -Pink Angel SVG

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