Misc Chaos

Franklin’s Story

My brother was driving around, years ago, and found a fuzzy little puppy running around in the rain on the street-chasing after cars no doubt. My brother picked up the little guy and brought him home. He had identification tags so the owners were located and spoken to. They were an older couple, and thought the dog needed freedom-meaning they did not have a yard nor did they put him on a leash. They ended up giving him to us because he was just “too much dog for them.” So my family ended up with yet another dog.

He was my guy from the start! He was named Jake by the previous owners, and the owners before them had named him Franklin. I liked the name Franklin and so it was. I call him Frankenstein when he misbehaves-which was quite frequently in the beginning. He and I walked, visited the park and he slept in my bed. Friends forever. He and I are very much alike-crazy high energy. He has taught me the importance of tenacity-he NEVER gives up and usually gets what he wants. Since Mr. B came into my life, Franklin has mellowed out significantly. Mr. B is a calm and centered energy. Plus, the other dogs in the house keep him in line! Franklin is all boy though-he loves to be wrestled with and likes it rough. The dog is a tank and can walk forever-all muscle and energy. Are you ready to rumble?!!
Franklin has two modes-running around insane or curled up sleeping. When he sleeps he looks like a little fetus-all curled inward into a little ball. Awwww. He seems to like being covered up with a blanket and likes to have your weight on him. Strange. He is vocal too-when you scratch his back he moans and groans. Guess that means he likes it!
He is my walking and running buddy and my favorite little guy. My boy Frank.


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