Misc Chaos

Week 7

Mighty Mite Week 7

Week 7 Jun19-25

 Jun 21st-I am responsible for this little self. He gets tears in his eyes & his eyelids get all red & swollen when he cries now. Rips my heart in two.

Jun 26-You smile so unbelievably cute-ly (a word?!) and follow me with your eyes. Your little face is precious when you are crying for sleep. You make little sad noises and your face looks thinner & adorable. You baby box and back exercise-work it!

Jun 28
Smiles from Little E
So precious
Jun 29
Little Man is precious. I see how mom’s put their children first. It’s so easy and feels so natural (and I see how they loose themselves in the identity/role of being a mother and forget themselves).
Jun 30
Little E-eyes growing wider everyday. Pools of love- a reflection of what he is given, what he IS.
Smiles for my singing and calm moments. “Just to see you smile I’d do anything” Your hair grows fuzzier. Your eyelashes longer. You love dancing/boxing/kicking on your back.

I yelled at Gizmo today while you were nursing. Your eyes grew wide, you stopped, you pulled away, your bottom lip jutted out and your eyes seemed so sad. I told you it was ok. You smiled. Went back to noshing. Unbelievably adorable.
There is a sacrifice for every success!
Find your inner cowboy


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