Misc Chaos

Week 12 for Little One

July 24-30
July 24-12 weeks fresh tomorrow Little One
So short & so long
Time flies & slows
Your smile is heart-opening
So beautiful
You hold my hand when you nurse
So precious
Little chunky thighs
So squeezable
Chubby cheeks
So kissable
Solidity & freedom are the foundation of real happiness

Take refuge in the solace of self – Buddha
Jul 30
I stood beside your crib
Gazing at your tiny sleeping form
Short breaths, checked to see
There is only one you
Helping me realize
There is only one me
I love the feel of you in my arms
Solid Needy Mine for now
I love your chubby cheeks to kiss
Soft Lovable
Tears come to my eyes
Unbidden Full of love
Will I get the privilege to see you grow up?
I am blessed by your smile
Amazed by you
It’s like you’re an obsession
An addiction
I never want to give you up
I want to be the best
For you

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