Misc Chaos

Little One’s Week 15

Aug 14-20 Day 100 reached this week!
Goodnight my precious wee one
I love you more everyday
10 tiny fingers
10 little toes
2 big eyes
2 shell ears
1 perfect nose
1 beautiful smile that can reduce me to tears
My love for you, unbounded
More than anyone knows
Our little angel
Sent from above
2 people together, created you with their love
Aug 19
I want to remember
He held my hand
He held my hand
Not the stress
He held my hand
He held my hand
Not the barky dogs
He held my hand
He held my hand
Not the overwhelming feeling
He held my hand
He held my hand
Your angelic smile
Wide & gummy
Your perfect feet
Tiny & chubby
Your big belly
Warm and soft
Your miniature hands
Wet & cool
Your blonde, round head
Soft and fuzzy
Your huge eyes
Trusting & happy
Red & hurtful
Watching me
Your tiny body
Toasty & compact
I love you precious wee one
I hope I will teach you as much (and more) as you have taught me
Kisses to you Little E!

First swim!

Drooling on Pa’s arm

Email sent:
Another installment of Baby Evan pics. He weighs 12.6lbs now (little chunk), smiles at B and I and thoroughly enjoys the taste of his right hand. He LOVES his mobile (thanks Aunts!) and we say he is meeting with his executives whenever he is “talking” and smiling with them-the stocks are up apparently and employee moral is at an all time high.
Bliss Out, Mighty Mite AKA Evan

It is the nature of babies to be in bliss -Deepak Chopra

and its response:
God, those eyes! -Mr. R

What a cutie, sure hope you are enjoying that little guy they grow up so fast. Have a great day Love GmaR


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