Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Mamma’s Fav Number 18 Week

Sept 4-10
Sept 4-A perfect weather day
Little E and me on a square blanket
His little shades on
Dancing around on his back
After a Skype session with FishTrout Gpa and Gma
Smiles, feet, big eyes
Little One has rediscovered the fun of his toes
He enjoys his “taggy” blankets
Smiles so huge and bright when he see his fun & silly daddy
Eats, plays, eats, sleeps
15 lbs
Loves sucking his right thumb
Rubs his eyes
Likes to be held up to stand on his legs/feet
Sept 10
Holding your small sleeping form
Warm & malleable
Pudgy & pliant
I rub my cheek & chin along the top of your soft downy head
Breathe deeply your lavender scent
Your hand twitches open, close
Your lips pucker & suck
Soft, light breath in my ear
I don’t want to ever let you go
This is love
 Ready for a walk/ride!
 Me and my blanket and shades

My Pa and I

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