Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 20 Oh MY!

September 18-24

Sleepy baby from the busy wake-full week
Thumb sucking sweetness

First rash-covered in red spots
Round 2 for vx

Pulls items into his mouth
Reaches for toys

Slobber factory
Taste of St Louis
Garden Gate with Tea Ladies

Sept 24
I held you in my arms as you feel asleep against my chest

Your breathing slowed & deepened

A cool night under a dark sky sprinkled with stars

I love the feel of your weight in my hold

Warmth shared between us

My head rests upon yours

I am so thankful for you

I hold your hand sometimes & know,

One day it will be bigger than mind

There will be parts of your body, your life

I will not know

I won’t be able to fix all your hurt(s)

You will grow away from me

I cherish this time-to be your all

Made bittersweet by its brevity

I am frightened by it’s all-encompassing power

Grows ever stronger

My life growing more & more insignificant

Unless it’s for you

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