Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 22 for Mighty Mite

October 2-8

“spikey” hair do in the back
Happy smiles & giggles

Laughing at the tree in the breeze
Sleeping on side

More dancing baby! Constant hand chewing

Toothless grin and O face

Heel rubbing

Oct. 4
My wish for you Little One

To have a life of abundance

Full of love friendship opportunity wealth, prosperity personal growth joy peace wisdom

A life void of

Fear discrimination poverty hunger (physical) disease

If I said of pain you would miss out on the gift(s) it brings


May the pain you experience be

Quick & learning-full, meaning-full; a springboard & catapult

Not a crutch or sinker

I am so blessed to be with you everyday

There is no foot too small that is cannot leave an imprint on this world

Later on…when he’s not just young (1,2,3 etc)

Oct 6-

Precious moments with you early this morning

Little One in my arms

Looking into my eyes

Your mouth forming a little O

Too cute

A little sound from you

A huge smile from me

You feel asleep by your Pa on the couch tonight

(you usually fall asleep against me)

I miss your warmth & weight in my arms

You were on the couch, arms like your were drawing back on a bow (& arrow)

My wee warrior

Might & Great

I love that you need me

I am scared how much I love & need you


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