Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 23 Sweet Little E!

October 9-15
Pulling lips under gums
Louder voice!

Hands grabbing for items, lots of it going into mouth

Naked time with toy from toilet roll holder No poo for three days!

First visit to Nanna & Pappa Fish Trout

Oct 9

5 months fresh!

I don’t want to forget the feel of you in my arms-warm, solid, heavy & soft

My hand cupping the back of your silky soft head

Your hand holding my finger

Or opening & closing as it flutters across my chest (you used to tickle my armpit)

Your cold mouth on me b/c your fingers were in it prior

Your tiny little heels

Monkey toes

Long fingers-hand now open

The way you giggle when I play with your feet, grab your little hinney, kiss your round soft belly

Your coos in your crib

Your big toothless grin

Your giant open-mouthed smile

Little E

You cried on our way home

While Mr. B stayed at the hospital

Tears around your wet eyes

Red, sad, face

My hungry little boy

You were (are) such an angel


Making others smile


Big eyes taking it all in

You are fed, cleaned, fed again & sleeping peacefully

Hopefully still

While I sit with your dad

We love you so much, you know

Teach me to hear the mermaids sing -John Donne

Make a memory today! -Tony Frost

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