Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 24 FUN!

Week #24 October 16-22

Tongue sticking out to one side
Lots of “talking”

Rolling around on floor with hands holding toes
Lying on back, hands above head, so entertaining

Sitting in the Boppy Tea Ladies at Oatman House

You are thoroughly enjoying your crinkly Fluffy Chick and Friends cloth book

Legs twitching, hands shaking & gasping breath coming in short pants

I think you rejuvenate by pausing movement (not from sleeping much)

To look is to learn, if you listen carefully -PerArnold

Find a way to hear what the tiny fish are saying in this big ocean of life
Create spaciousness to create
What was the last thing you doodled?

Oct 22
On a blanket in the grass
Little E

Beside me

w/ a ball, wearing a hat & sunglasses

No pants

Striped socks on his feet

So many tiny gnats in the air

Perfect light for pics

Very barky dogs

Kissing his neck-smooth, warm & soft

Here I am

This sparkling now

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