Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 25 Mighty Mite

October 23-29

Oct 24

A Curious George tee, a blanket, Bumbo seat, ball & a breeze are the ingredients for a great day!

You fought valiantly against sleep today

My little warrior

Screaming, soothed by mama

And (finally) succumb to

I love your soft, puffy cheeks

Your hands opening & closing

You sleeping near me

The only body I want close to mine for any length of time

You look so proud & happy standing

Head lifted, belly sticking out

Swaying back & forth, huge smile on your face

Oct 26

My body wakes up to your needs

I love lifting you from your crib

A warm, mushy bundle

You sucking on your thumb

Eyes still closed in sleep

The back of your neck is cold

I hug you close over to the rocking chair

Your hand opens and closes

Making an arch across the top of my chest

Back & forth

Sometimes tucking at my shirt’s neckline

Your other hand

Tickling my armpit (newborn) my side

Sometimes playing with the afghan behind me

You eat well when you are half asleep

I love carrying you around

My spine doesn’t always agree

Your little bum atop my forearm

My little monkey

At times, you are looking everywhere around

Others, you rest your head against my collarbone

Your fuzzy head

Tickling my lips and cheeks when I bend down

How I love you

Oh so much

Oct 28

I love carrying you in your sling

Your belly touching my ribs

Head is close for kissing

Cheeks too

Fall in love with your world
Add intention & direction to your life.


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