Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 26 Little One E

October 30-Nov 5

Applesauce enjoyed

Sleeping on side with head thrown back
Oh so patriotic-laughing at flag blowing in breeze
 “drum” solo (with Pa’s help) to Stairway to Heaven

Adventures in pureed food this week-peaches and oatmeal for first foods. Seems to enjoy them-sucks up the peaches (literally) and mashes the oatmeal. Smiles all around!

Nov 1

Little One sleeping w/ your arms out wide

So vulnerable

So loved

Little rise and fall of your belly with your breath

You fit in my arms, held on my forearm

One day you won’t

Upset, soothed by me

Your little hand holding my finger

Kiss kiss your fingers

Head cupped in the palm of my hand

Fuzzy hair tickling my lips

Your belly between by two hands

Big kiss for your belly

A giggle from you

“stinky” feet brought to your nose

Another giggle

Lots of kisses around/in your neck

More laughter

I adore your toothless smile

Your beautiful eyes

All of you

Nov 2

Evan I am sitting on the couch as you go crazy over your green holey ball and fuzzy chick book

Rubbing your heels together furiously. Sucking your thumb on occasion. Drooling, panting, eyes wide, fingers scratching at the book’s surface

I love the baby you are now

Nov 4

Little One

I love the way you look at me

And look for me

When you are in others’ arms

I wished I had kissed & breathed you in more

Making up for it now (trying to)

You ate & seemed to thoroughly enjoy peaches today


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