Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 27 for Mighty Mite E

Week #27 Nov 6-12

Tip toes touch floor in Jumperoo!

Peaches, bananas, oatmeal, butternut squash enjoyed

6 months fresh celebrated
 Standing up naked time-so proud

Feet touching floor in bear walker thing-moving backwards

Sweet smiles for ladies at Kohl’s-stole their hearts!

Nov 6

Went shopping with Little E today


Kids everywhere

You had fun with your Pa

I love to kiss your head

Breathe in your smell

Love to hold you as you fall asleep

Warm & snuggly

Your eyes closed

Purple veins across your eyelids

Lips pursed and moving

What do you dream of?

I like kissing your tiny heels

Since you scrape your socks off every time

Love to watch you discover you hands

Their openings & closings

Reaching & grabbing

Feeling & scratching

Nov 7

Little One

You are tired

You cried

Mr. B couldn’t sooth you

In my arms you were calmed

Your little sobs slowed & stopped

I love your soft cheeks to kiss good night

Nov 8

Tomorrow 6 months with little E

So long ago

Yet so fast too

I love you more today than I did then

The warm imprint your sleeping form

Leaves on my chest

Your toothless smile

Your peachy, fuzzy, downy hair

Days are so long

Weeks & months so quick

Will I get the privilege to see you grow?

Do other parents wonder such things?


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