Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 29 and day 200 Passed!

 Happy Turkey Day!
Nov 20-26

Lots of prunes being enjoyed

Slightly congested-First cold-stuffy nose, slight cough

First tooth break through!

Nov 22

First Thanksgiving-lots of people around to praise your EVERY move

Little One

You are all alone in your crib

When you were w/ me, growing inside

My heartbeat was always in your ears
Warm, safe, secure

But now you can see



Placing you in your crib, all alone

Makes me ache

Belief is a verb, something that you do

Nov 26

I am so thankful for you
My precious son

Your beautiful & giant blue eyes

Your toothless smiles-so big & bright

Your hair that hangs over one ear slightly

Yet still sticks up in the back

Your little tapable butt, fits in the palm of my hand
dimples on it

Your little belly that sticks out a bit

So very soft & kissable

Your delight at being jiggled,

Toes to your nose

Kissed heels

Your hands reach for my mouth

Your eyes capture & hold mine

Last year at this time we told our families about you

It was hard to imagine you were real, a real baby, ours

Created by us (w/ God’s help!)
So much has changed
For me

For you
I remember you so tiny in your swing
Now you fit in the center & fill it out just right
Your weight makes it work really hard

Growing more each and every day in every way!


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