Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 30 for E

 A few of my favorite things

 Happy Baby Pose
 Chewing, drooling, fun!
Nov 20-26


Sitting up in the Boppy so well! Bending over while in it too and righting yourself
Chewing on big toe! Chewing on your Very Hungry Caterpillar book too

1st view of Christmas décor. Oh so much fun in the jumperoo-bouncing to a beat!

Heel rubbing in the tub-lots of water moving around

Fell asleep on friend’s lap-so warm and comfortable
Christmas moment enjoyed-snow falling, music playing, B, E & Me gazing out window

Nov 27
I am so thankful you still fit in my arms

Nestled, warm & comforted
I am so glad you still seek me for comfort
Your little head swivels to find me
You choose me
You chose me
Wow. Beautiful. Amazing.
Nov 29

Your Pa left the buttons in your crotch region undone so when you toot the smell won’t go up & out of your neck; instead it will stink out the back/bottom. Thanks Pa

You are covering some serious ground w/ your rolling capabilities
Sitting up better & better daily

Carrots enjoyed today

Still slightly congested, your bed misses you
Mama loves having you w/ her

In your swing, sleeping soundly

Your Pa enjoyed rolling around with you on the floor

The neighbors & their grandchild can’t wait to see pics of you

Your cuteness makes their day

I am so thankful I get to enjoy it most of the day, every day

Love you precious one
Dec 3
You have learned/done so much this week Little One
Cooing, oh so talkative

Grabbing for both feet & pulling your sock off to chew on it

Mr. Personality

Instinct-every reason, every rational thought & irrational emotion work together in a glorious whole.

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