Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 31 for Sweet E

Dec 4-10

Bad congestion/cold poor baby You still smile sweetly though!

Tooth pushing through a bit more each day
Moaning/Humming softly as you fall asleep

Thumb still being thoroughly enjoyed
2nd tooth coming in-right next to the first

Visit to the Pediatrician just to be sure lungs are ok-Dr. says all is fine

Tried saline in the stuffed up your nose-didn’t seem to help

Fun and friends at a local restaurant
Level 2 on the Jumperoo

Christmas tree decorating
Gazing at Christmas lights on houses-through closed eyelids!

Skype time with Fish Trout Gma and Gpa

Dec 6

A rough day

You are sick

In the rocking chair I sit writing this

Listening to you breathe

I want you to get (and feel) better

Dec 10

Little One

7 months yesterday

Time going so fast

And so slow

You are amazing!
 Poor sick baby



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