Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 32 for Mighty Mite

Dec 11-17

Rainy day of awake fun lots of bouncing

Footprints done in blue
Laughing while being “tossed” around

Bath time enjoyed with Pa
Longs to be held lots

Lots of laughing
Little ‘tooths’ getting taller

Took a two hour nap-twice this week!
Grab and pull perfected-ouch for us and your hair!

Gun, thumb on upper lip, pull up and away

Daddy and your “secret place”a closet in the basement


Dec 12

Little One you are so precious to us

Your blonde hair, big blue eyes

Toothy smile

I love your little belly

Skin so smooth

Holding you against me

The best place to be

A sigh of contentment


Dec 14-you are sitting on the floor playing happily and jabbering

It’s ok to be fabulous and flawed!


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