Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 33 and Christmas Eve

Dec 18-24

The anti-sleep warrior

And today you sleep!

Sweet smile and eyes after just waking

Dec 18
You are snoozing on your side. Too cute

Starting the day with baby belly kissing and hubby hugs

Dec 19
My arms miss you when you are not in them

My lips miss your cheeks if I haven’t kissed them

(Grem’s cheeks probably appreciate the break)

I love you E

Your hair is getting more coarse

You know how to move forward & back in your “rocket chair”

You took two 2 hour naps today & a brief one later on

Sleepy, growing boy!

Dec 21

In your rocket chair

Arms stiff & outstretched

Standing on your feet


Looking around

Chewing on a box

Big smile

Dog (Newman) sniffing your smile

You laughed

Dec 23
 Little E imitating B while on the bed
Grrrr guy time!

Dec 24
Dipping head into shower spray
Big smile and wet lashes


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