Mothering Warriors · {IRL}

Week 34 First Christmas!

Dec 25  -Dec 31

Dec 25-1st Christmas with a Little One enjoyed; he reached for me!

Dec 27-He rolled himself like a burrito with the yoga mat during naked time
Sitting up unsupported

His wild baby laugh

Last night you were looking at me-your face slowly scrunched up into a very sad face & you started to cry. I told you it was ok. Your face smoothed out. You looked around. Looked at me and did it all over again! Then you tried out other emotional facial expressions. Very Funny.
What comes first-the emotion or the expression?

Dec 28-Sitting up so well, little straight back Buddha
Head on my shoulder-cuddle bug;

Dancing moves-bouncing/bending knees, flapping arms

Dec 29-His smile when Mr. B rubs his rough cheek against E’s smooth one; His need for me, his 2 half “tooths”

Dec 30-His soft, sweet smile after waking
His calm happiness at having under his chin & face stroked
His utter joy at his creases being cleaned

Dec 31-Mrs. B says you are smart (she can tell) and that’s why you fight sleep-to take it all in
Your use of your eyebrows-quite the facial expression
Your warm little hinney perched on my arm


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