Worm Bin

Why a worm bin?
It’s a great supplement (but not a replacement) for a compost pile. You now longer have to feel bad when you need to get rid of vegetable peels, egg shells and fruit past its prime. All of your green waste, give it to the worms!
To make your own you will need:
Rectangular plastic storage bin with lid (any size)
Shredded newspaper
Dirt, leaf clippings, etc

It is best to keep your bin indoors so the temperature can stay between 50 and 75 degrees F

Try to get local worms-from a friend or go hunting. Look in spring and fall for smaller, purplish worms, living close to surface of soil. Make a trap-bury something they adore-squash, leftover oatmeal, wet bread- about an inch under soil or leaf litter.
Co back about 3 days later and grab about 1 cup to get started. If you only have a handful, that’s ok, it will just take things longer to get going
Worm varieties and types:
Red worms-easily found (Lubricous rubellas) adjust to life in bin very well
Red, purple, tiger-striped-preferred habitats are compost & manure piles (Eugenia fetid) sold for worm bins

more info at Mary Janes Farm

Or you can do like I did and purchase your own at UncleJimsWormFarm

All neat and tidy and you can order your worms in the same day.

 1,000 worms in a little bag
 All the necessary items to get started all included
Rookie mistake that I did. Potting soil isn’t really soil. It’s volcanic rock that’s been microwaved. Totally pointless for worms. Put them in damp shredded newspaper if they arrive before their home does.
I had a few problems with mites and fruit flies the first week or two but now they are all gone. The worms seems to be thriving and eating well in their new home. Hurray!

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