Five Minute Friday-Change

from TheGypsyMamma.com Change


Lots of changes
Ever changing
Not sure who I am, where I stand in all of this craziness of changing.

Hope I will emerge triumphant-stronger, wiser and more lovely.
While in the depths of it I just don’t know.

Had to say good bye to a dear furry friend this week.
So hard to do. Remembering her sweet personality and happy demeanor.
Taken too soon because of an accident.
So much life left in her. I want more time with her.
Sadness. Change.

A new life grows in my belly.
Another life to add to my heart.
Swelling belly, heart and head.
Full of hope. Change.

Seasons of life.
Taking a step back.
Helping others. A sidekick.
A new role I am not sure I want to fill.
It should be about me!
Letting go. Change.

Breathing Deep. Becoming more Aware.
Becoming more Me.


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