Inspire · Ponder

Right Now, Real Life

I had every intention and plan to come back to this blog. Post two times a week. Down to one time.
I wanted the main focus of the blog to hit me like a lightning bolt and let me know what it should say. No lightning striking here.
In the waiting time there is sickness running amok through our house. Sleeping is a precious commodity, rarer than iridium
Inspiration does not work by striking. I have to show up. Do the work. Everyday.

I have two boys under the age of two, a husband who has and speaks his own mind, four dogs that don’t listen.
No one around here listens. Including me.
Maybe I need to be quiet. Use my ears instead of my mouth.
Or MAYBE, I could use this space to talk. Listen in the real world instead.
Practice stillness and let go.

I am going to let the meaning of this blog unfold. (I tense up as I think about letting the Universe do things in its own time-it takes too long!).
I am going to strive to speak less and listen more. Perhaps I need to put duck tape on my grocery list, for my mouth and the crafts!
Here is to listening and letting go. Cheers!

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