I got a new attitude…

specifically about blogging that is!

Although I do feel good from my head to my not-wearing-shoes. ‘Cause I’ve got love like I never knew!!

I am trying to write while out of the muck.
I have written while still in the trenches. Sad, upset and angry. Not having seen the light at the end of the tunnel, the lesson, the learning. Typing what I feel and think in the moment as it is happening. Messy. Yucky. Too much truth.
I thought it was being honest. I thought it was good for me, good for readers. I did not realize the whole truth can be too much.
Too much information.
Too much openness.
Gotta close it up.
Be a bit more intentional about what I put out into the online world.
Can’t get typed words back.
I don’t know what this will look like totally, yet. But I think it will be good.
Quiet too!

I want to be inspired & inspiring.

Who inspired me to make this change: Hannah speaking with Erin Goodman on her behind the blog podcast.. Amazing information and thoughts ladies!


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