Excuses No More!

Picture inspired by Finding Nemo’s ‘butt”. Don’t touch it!


Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES!

Like bums, we all have one

And they all stink.

Toss them.

They are doing NOTHING for you but holding you back from living your dreams.

::in a whiny voice::

But I don’t have time

But I don’t have the money

But I don’t have the…….

Not more buts!

Write your excuses on a piece of paper. Take your time. Write them all down. Every little one, every big one. What is keeping you from pursuing your dream?

Now, take the list and BURN it. Outside, safely and with water available of course. Watch it be consumed by the flames. Smile. No more excuses! You are free to move towards you dreams.

My excuses are many and big (like we all have).

But I have a small child

But I am going to have another in two weeks

But I don’t have any time

But I….

List created. List burned. Time to move away from my excuses (which are really fear disguised as reasons). Taking a step toward the life I really want.

Are you ready to toss your excuses and live the dream?!

Don’t make excuses. Make things happen. Make changes. Then make history. -Doug Hall

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