Reverb 2013 Dec 12, 13, 14

Original Thought from Bessotment

Dec 5 & 6

Dec 7 & 8

Dec 9, 10 & 11

December 12 What was something you planned to do in 2013 but didn’t? What was it, and why did you not accomplish it?

I wanted (and still want) to learn how to podcast. I am so overwhelmed by technology. Have read books about it and tried it but not going well. Maybe I need to find someone to set it up for me and I stick to the talking!

December 13 What was your biggest indulgence in 2013? This can be anything – something materialistic, emotional, etc – what was something you truly let yourself indulge in?

Reading. I read a lot of books this past year. Luv it.

December 14 What was the best meal you enjoyed in 2013? Who cooked it? What was it? Why did you love it so much? Where were you?

Any meal not cooked by me is pretty  much the best meal ever!  Oriental Spoon is a personal date night favorite


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