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My Mornings


Ever wake up feeling like this?!

My mornings currently unfold like this:

I am awakened from a two hours max block of sleep by a wee one crying for a drink and possibly a bit of a bigger wee one asking for choo choo. Feet on the floor. Begin whirling in all directions.

Mind anxious.

Am I doing this efficiently enough? Is this good enough? Am I good enough? Why am I here? Where am I going? Does any of this matter? What am I doing?!

A spinning top frantically whirling. My mind exhausted and spent. Already.

But wait.

There is another way.

I can take a moment to shift my perspective. See things around me as they truly are, not as I expect them to be. Look at my life in a brand new light!

I can awaken with a positive thought. A whisper of thanks for another day to live. Take a deep breath and smile when I hear a cry because I am needed. Me.

Maybe from the outside my morning activities are the same, but on the inside I can be calm, peaceful and serene.

I don’t need another list of things to do. Another checklist of what I should and/or should not do.

I need a mindset. I need a set of ideas and/or questions to steer me back in the direction I want to be going-simple, serene & satisfied.

I can intentionally create pockets & places of gratitude and grounding.

Yes I can.


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