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Grounding Islands

Started with Gratitude Mountains

and now for…

Grounding Islands

These are places in my morning to help me feel present and rooted in the now while reaching high for the intention I have set for my day/week.

I start the morning with  a cup of warm water with lemon. Wakes up my cells, hydrates me after sleep and tastes like sunshine!

Sip a smoothie. Guzzle greens. These give my body the nutrients it is longing for without chewing. Imagine being on a warm beach sipping something fab from a coconut. Mmmm.

Spend a moment outside (with the 4-pack of dogs). I look up at the sky, notice the weather and breath in deep. Nature always calms and grounds me. I breathe deep.

Some questions for reflection:

What do I want today to feel like?

What do I want today?

What is today’s intention?

How can I savor THIS day?

Simple. Serene. Satisfied.

Morning Lighthouses coming soon!


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