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Morning Lighthouses

Gratitude Mountains

Grounding Islands

Morning Lighthouses!

Photo courtesy of Jean Guichard


Beams of light that point me in an even greater direction. These are like the sprinkles on the cake. They add just a bit of pretty and extra to my day’s beginning.

Dress to express how I want to feel. I feel better about it all when my hair is done, a bit of makeup graces my face and I am dressed and ready for anything!

Hannah’s great ideas, Kimberly’s Daily Dress Up, and FlyLady’s Getting Dressed to Shoes

Move & breathe the body gorgeous. Preferably outside. This ritual symbolize the starting of a new day. My body and mind need time outside and movement. Sun salutations (Here is my version of them on video!) are a way to greet the day with a smile and a hello.  A walk on the trail is also one of my favorite ways to begin the day!

Short inspirational reading. I particularly enjoy Peace is Every Breath and Simple Abundance

Affirmation cards. I choose an affirmation card and say it aloud with love! Affirmation Cards I AM

Take the time to create a bliss-filled morning routine. There is peace in a ritual. Your rituals keep time with your vision. An unfolding of a beautiful morning sets the tone for a radiant day. Create one and do it!

Let your start be radiant, strategic & serene. No longer rushed, chaotic & stressful.


I rise to face the dawn, and find that love alone will shine today. -Ken Wilber

First Call How do you begin your day?


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