Wild Radiant MS


Question of the meeting:

What was one miraculous thing you did this past month?

Some answers included:

Read stories (as a volunteer) to precious little ones (who also are at high risk) and let them speak. Cherished their voices.

Shared a laugh with others around my decorated cane. Great to smile and giggle.

Started looking for a house with my husband.

My answer: My Rubberband Trick! (will post the video soon!)

At our last meeting we watched this fabulous video.

After tears were wiped away, I talked to the group about the power of perspective. Amazing what one can see if we just look deep enough. The positive and GREAT is there. Sometimes it takes a little digging and effort, but it IS there. Always.

Magic is there too. Always.

We talked a bit more about a variety of topics and then we did a short meditation. (I had recorded my voice previously and played that to the group).

All left with smiles while talking to each other.


I sincerely hope the group members left feeling lifted up, supported and ready for another month of MeSs and Magic!!

What are some things you have talked about and/or done at meetings?


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