Mothering Warriors

Restart for Mammas

Begin Again Buddha

When you need to recharge your batteries, what are your go-to places for renewal and peace?

Ways to Restart

1. What truly refreshes you? What do you love to do? Make a list and start incorporating some of the things that recharge & refresh you into your everyday life. Make doing something you love a daily habit!

2. What are you thankful for? Write down your blessings, nothing like gratitude to change an outlook!

3. Find little ways to cultivate beauty, art and creativity into your life, into your home. Light candles, try something new for dinner, read a great book, make something with your hands. Create something- a doodle, a loaf of bread, soup, or a collage. Maybe a vision board! Let the things you make inspire and enrich your life.

4. Take the time to breathe into your belly and make space in you life’s activities. It will put your in a much healthier and happier place and you will be replenished and ready to give out to others. Breathe-slow deep and even for 10, meditate or pray. Make space and breathing room for you. Take a five-minute break, wherever you are, close the door, close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax. You deserve this.

5. Spend time with water-bathe, drink, allow to flow from eyes, sip as tea. Float. Let the water wash away your pain. Make a mug of tea, treat yourself to your favorite latte or smoothie. Delight your senses with taste and flavors.

6. Mindfully Move-stretch, run, dance. As a bonus step outside-walk, tend to plants, enjoy the world beyond your walls. Move your body – dance, go for a walk or run, do yoga or some deep stretching, heck even skip around your house. Twirl, hula hoop, do the running (wo)man, jump up and down like a human pogo stick – whatever feels good to your body in this moment.

7. Write-3 things you love about yourself, three pages of whatever, 3 things you are looking forward to, 3 reasons you are needed here. Make a “10 Things I Love About Me” list. Write it down. Enjoy the process and review when needed.

8. Connect-call a friend, offer them help, give something to someone, look through old photos. Reach out. Spiritually grounding-connect to friends and spirit.

9. Love your Body Self-Love and Care

Your body is always there for you

Love and honor your body. Release the rules others have created. The diet plans and the exercise programs.

Just love your body.

Step outside Jump, jiggle, jive (boogie, bounce, belly laugh & breathe)




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