Diagnosis Day

Brain by Hands

Diagnosis Day

So it happened.

You got a diagnosis



Dealt the cards you can play. Dice Rolled

The waiting (link to Waiting post) is over

Now what?!

Upside Down

My diagnosis day #4

You have permission to…

scream until you are hoarse (into a pillow of course)

laugh until your belly aches & cheeks quiver

cry until your tears (and nose!) run dry

move until you are exhausted & spent (alone or with another)

To Feel it ALL-brief, fleeting and let it go

I want to empower you to start something-just for you

A new life course has been opened up and revealed to you.

Time to chart a new course, change in lifestyle, up the attitude of love.

Practice poise, not panic

I remember right before I was diagnosed with MS, I begged the Universe for clarity. It was my word for the year, put on my license plate, whispered frequently for. I wanted help seeing the world more clearly, what I was here to do on it and why I was needed. A disease diagnoses will bring life’s priorities into vivid focus. It stings the eyes. It burst wide open the heart and stretches the soul. Painful stuff, but so necessary and worth it. We can choose post-traumatic growth!!

Yoga for Meditation

Out of the darkness of diagnosis and into the LIGHT of LIFE!!





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