Mothering Warriors

Joy Full Adventures in Parenting

Sometimes I need reminding…Adventures in Parenting

Adventures in Parenting Pic

 In other words…

Adventures of Joyful Parenting

This day I will…

Seek peace. I will pause to breathe in the moment. The glorious now.

Choose to see the beauty in all things. I am surrounded by all things lovely. I will open my eyes and see.

Not hurry. There is no need to rush. There is time for the important. The time is now.

Express gratitude with my lips and pen to feel it in my heart.

Speak only words of love. Words that build by children. Words which feed souls.

Be steady & consistent. Steadfast and strong.

Create steady rhythms we can relax into. Flow.

Celebrate the gift of the present through ceremony. Life is worth celebration!

Reach for the child whose behavior is repellent. I will pull them close and pour love upon them.

Seek opportunities to touch my children as often as possible.

Honor my priorities.

Laugh, giggle & tickle. I will create a home of joy and light.

Dance with my children. Set our bodies and souls free to party with song.

Release how I think things should be and will accept what is.

Begin again



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